Celebrate Life with Cartoons!

Live a life brimming with joy and vibrancy. Enjoy every moment, drink every drop of nectar, and laugh! With happy, colourful, Celebration Cartoons for every occasion.

Celebrate the New Year, the end of year Holidays, celebrate your mother, your father, yourself, birthdays… Celebrate every day!


Happy New YEar, Happy New You!

Happy New Year Cartoon Fissos World


Mothers’ Day Cartoon

Because we are amazing!
mothers day cartoon yoga Fissos World


Fathers’ Day Cartoon

Vrksasana, Tree Pose, because my father taught me to do what I love, and stand tall!
fathers day cartoon tree pose yoga Fissos World


Happy Holidays, Happy Cartoon Day!

Love, Joy, Light and Peace to All!
happy holidays cartoon yoga Fissos World


SOmething’s Brewing! Happiness BReW

It’s Halloween and the witch is IN! And she’s probably cooking vegetables! And brewing her magic brew!

happiness brew halloween cartoon Fissos World


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