Cartoons on Life with Kids and Pregnancy cartoons!

Because life with kids is an adventure!

Life with kids is an exhilarating journey. It is as sweet as honey, as mellow as a rhyming song, or as fast-speed as the most agile cheetah.

No matter how is goes, life with kids opens your heart wide wide open and makes it sing and laugh from the inside.

I celebrate my life with my kids with Cartoons! (and oh of course, a glass of wine also helps!)

Celebrate Fissos World Cartoons
  Celebrate Life with Cartoons! Live a life brimming with joy and vibrancy. Enjoy every moment, drink every drop of
  Cartoons on life, kids, work and love. Yup, because life is a balancing act! Sometime it feels like juggling
Mr Body Pillow Pregnancy cartoons banner
Easing pregnancy's discomforts with Mr Body Pillow cartoons Yes yes pregnancy is wonderful and it is magical to grow a
Baby in Belly Pregnancy cartoons Fissos World Banner
Life is full of big adventures! And little ones... Follow my 9-month ride to Mamadom, with Baby in my Belly, cartoons on

What’s cooking? A baby! And Fisso’s cartoons on pregnancy!

Join me on my 9-month adventure to Mamadom with Baby in my Belly, cartoons on the little and big adventures of expecting a baby.

Meet my pregnancy best cartoon friend, Mr. Body Pillow, the smooth-talking pregnancy support pillow who just wants to get cozy. Join Mr. Body Pillow (and me!) in my quest to ease pregnancy discomforts and find better sleep.

Pregnancy is a special “in-between” time. It is at times smooth, at times a roller-coaster of emotions and hormones. At times it is wonderfully sweet, and sometimes just plain tiring.

But no matter what, pregnancy is an awe-inspiring adventure, perfect cartoon material! And a taster for the even crazier kid adventures to come!