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Dancing Devas Children’s picture book,

Fisso’s World in Cambodia Cartoon Book, and

Wandering Angkor illustrated book on Angkor and Siem Reap, Cambodia. Enjoy!

Dancing Devas Children’s Picture Book

When Vida chases her cheeky grasshopper friend Zazu out of her yard into the forest, they find themselves transported to the humid jungles of Southeast Asia. They stumble upon mysterious ruins when suddenly… SWISH! SHOVE! THUD! All around them, stone ruins and carvings start coming to life!

Will Vida and Zazu escape the fierce Giants and dodge the hissing mythical Serpents? How will they gatecrash the Apsara Fairy Queen’s rambunctious dance party?

Dancing Devas is a lively and whimsical adventure picture book, inspired by Southeast Asian myths, art and architecture. It tells the story of an intrepid young child who discovers the mythical Giants, Nagas and Apsaras from Southeast Asia’s legends and folklore.

Dancing Devas also includes an informational section with photographs, to get to know the different mythical characters encountered in the story.

34 pages – Full Color

Fisso’s World in Cambodia Cartoon Book

Fisso's World in Cambodia Cartoon Book by Sophie Lizeray

“… Leafing through Fisso’s World in Cambodia makes you smile all the way with a “How true” popping through your mind every few seconds.”
Johan Smits, author of Phnom Penh Express

What is the secret to riding your motorbike through Cambodia’s torrential monsoon downpours? What do tropical mosquitoes drink when they gatecrash your party? How many people (and bags and babies) can you cram into a car?
Fisso’s World in Cambodia, Living in a kingdom of wonders, shows you the ‘whats’, ‘hows’ and ‘wows!’ of life in Cambodia today with its many contradictions and surprises in a collection of fun, insightful and colourful cartoons, previously published in the Phnom Penh Post.

60 pages, Full Color.

On sale at Monument Books in Cambodia and worldwide on Amazon

Book on Angkor: Wandering Angkor

“Tour … the temples [of Angkor, Cambodia] in an informative yet engaging fashion, complete with lighthearted asides and quirky cartoon style illustrations by author Sophie Lizeray.” 
– The Phnom Penh Post

By motorbike, of course!
Strap on your helmet and share the fun-loving author’s escapade to Angkor. The glorious capital city of the Khmer Empire in Cambodia awaits! Cruise through the bustling town of Siem Reap and the peaceful countryside.
Bump through the forest and the ancient city of Angkor Thom. Meet friendly people.
Be awed by the majestic Bayon and Angkor Wat.
Be transported by the magic of Angkor.

62 pages with 38 full-color illustrations

On sale at Monument Books in Cambodia and worldwide on Amazon

Sophie Lizeray author illustrator books

A few words about my books as cultural bridges:

As a child of mixed heritage, with unruly hair and visibly brown skin, I grew up loving stories… but not recognizing myself in them. Why did the princesses (nearly always) have light hair or fair skin? Why were all the books we read in school set in Europe or North America? I mean, even the stories I wrote and drew as a child featured light colored characters with long smooth hair…

Then one day when I was in Elementary school, a neighbor gifted me the Children’s novel she had written. The neighbor was Minfong Ho, and her book was Sing to the Dawn (which I love). What a revelation : a book in English for kids about kids in Thailand! Books about brown kids was possible! I now had books in my shelf that reflected my bi-racial and multicultural background.

Fast forward to where I stand today: creating stories where cultures and skin colors mix.

More about the creation process behind my book Dancing Devas

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