Browse and Buy Fisso’s World in Cambodia Cartoon Book, and Wandering Angkor illustrated book on Angkor and Siem Reap, Cambodia. Enjoy!

Fisso’s World in Cambodia Cartoon Book

Fisso's World in Cambodia Cartoon Book

“… Leafing through Fisso’s World in Cambodia makes you smile all the way with a “How true” popping through your mind every few seconds.”
Johan Smits, author of Phnom Penh Express

What is the secret to riding your motorbike through Cambodia’s torrential monsoon downpours? What do tropical mosquitoes drink when they gatecrash your party? How many people (and bags and babies) can you cram into a car?
Fisso’s World in Cambodia, Living in a kingdom of wonders, shows you the ‘whats’, ‘hows’ and ‘wows!’ of life in Cambodia today with its many contradictions and surprises in a collection of fun, insightful and colourful cartoons, previously published in the Phnom Penh Post.

60 pages, full-colour.

On sale at Monument Books in Cambodia and worldwide on Amazon



Book on Angkor: Wandering Angkor

Wandering Angkor Cover Fissos-World

“Tour … the temples [of Angkor, Cambodia] in an informative yet engaging fashion, complete with lighthearted asides and quirky cartoon style illustrations by author Sophie Lizeray.” 
– The Phnom Penh Post

By motorbike, of course!
Strap on your helmet and share the fun-loving author’s escapade to Angkor. The glorious capital city of the Khmer Empire in Cambodia awaits! Cruise through the bustling town of Siem Reap and the peaceful countryside.
Bump through the forest and the ancient city of Angkor Thom. Meet friendly people.
Be awed by the majestic Bayon and Angkor Wat.
Be transported by the magic of Angkor.

62 pages with 38 full-colour illustrations

On sale at Monument Books in Cambodia and worldwide on Amazon


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