Living in Cambodia as a boh-roteh or barang (foreigner) is an adventure, and I loved every minute of it, the little frustrations, the big funny moments, and all the beautiful WOW moments.

Dive straight in and embrace the local lifestyle with Fisso’s World in Cambodia cartoons! Shop at the markets, ride your motorbike everywhere (and in all weather), eat street food, and yes, even watch the local football clubs play at the Olympic Stadium. Learn to live with mosquitoes, noisy bullfrogs and barking dogs that keep you up all night. Party with your entire neighbourhood during 5-day celebrations, and enjoy the dark, quiet (and hot) nights without electricity. Daydream in the heat, and get drenched in the monsoon rain. And fall in love with adventures off the beaten track.

Fisso’s World in Cambodia cartoons were published weekly in the Phnom Penh Post in 2014. Thank you, Phnom Penh Post!

And now, the book on Cambodia cartoons:

Fissos World in Cambodia cartoons

Cambodia Cartoons in the book by Fisso’s World

Welcome to the kingdom of wonders

Fissos World in Cambodia Welcome to Kingdom Wonders
Welcome to the Kingdom of Wonders
Fissos World in Cambodia Mosquito Happy Hour
It’s Mosquito Happy Hour too
Fissos World in Cambodia zapping mosquitoes
Zapping Mosquitoes

Cambodian Weddings

Weddings are big party affairs! Come celebrate with everybody!

Fissos World in Cambodia Early Morning Noisy Wedding
(Too) Early Morning Wedding
Fissos World in Cambodia cartoons wedding blocks road
2 Lovers’ Paths Blocking 1 Road

Happy Khmer New Year!

Sok Sabay Chol Chnam Thmei! Khmer New Year takes place around April and follows the lunar calendar. It is a busy time, and people head to the pagodas, make offerings and get together with family and friends. Often, the home altar is also specially decorated with extra offerings to the spirit of the new year.  Food and fruit are laid out, and depending on the gender of the spirit to come, offerings may include lipstick or nail varnish! 

Fissos World in Cambodia cartoons happy khmer new year
More Wine to Better Speak Khmer

Survive Cambodia’s Hot Season

Yes because temperatures can rise to 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) in April / May in Cambodia. When that happens, there isn’t much to be done (except huddle in your office’s only aircon room) but sit and melt! If you sweat copiously, don’t forget the re-hydration salts (try the Strawberry Flavour Royal-D sachets!!) from time to time to help replenish your body’s electrolytes.

Fissos World in Cambodia cartoons melting cambodia hot season
It’s So Hot I’m Melting
Fissos World in Cambodia cartoons dry wet seasons
I Was Told It’s the DRY Season

Cambodia’s Power Shortages

Ah yes!!! I had a power cut for several hours every night in Phnom Penh, and a week-long power cut in Siem Reap! The joy when the fan clicks back on  in the middle of the night is simply immense.

Fissos World in Cambodia cartoons power cut black outs
Power Cuts: Dark, Hot Nights Alone
Fissos World in Cambodia cartoons power cuts black out see moon
Black Out, Moon In

The Long Bus Trips in Cambodia

Getting from a city to another in Cambodia by bus is fairly easy. Hey, if our toddler at the time could do it, so can you! Just be warned, it can get long and bumpy! Especially between those pee-stops and if you’re not into the Cambodian horror (or tragic love-story) flick on the bus TV screen. And on roads full of potholes. Adventure fun!

Fissos World in Cambodia cartoons long bus rides
Surviving the Long Bus Trips in Cambodia
Fissos World in Cambodia cartoons long bus rides what to do
Encounters on Cambodia’s Long Bus Trips

Food Indigestion in Cambodia

Food safety, we all know the rules. Don’t eat un-cooked food, peel all your fruit and stay away from tap water and dubious ice-cubes! The bugs are waiting for your juicy intestines!

Fissos World in Cambodia cartoons clean food safety
Eat Me! Eat Me!
Fissos-World in Cambodia cartoons fast food cambodia style indigestion
Fast Food, Cambodia Style

Football Craze in Cambodia

Just in case you followed the Football World Cup (or another live sport event) on TV at unearthly hours in Cambodia. Or if you’ve been to watch a local football game at the Olympic Stadium in Phnom Penh with an avid fan!

Fissos World in Cambodia cartoons football olympic stadium phnom penh
Watching National Football in Phnom Penh
Fissos World in Cambodia cartoons watching football worldcup all night
Watching Football World Cup All Night, Again

Cambodia’s Messy Entangled Power Lines

I love Southeast Asian cities for many reasons, and the messy entangled electric lines are one of them. Oh the graphic poetry!

Fissos World in Cambodia cartoons entangled power lines fix electricity
Electricity Expert
Fissos World in Cambodia cartoons strange entangled power cables Kala face
A Kala Face! What’s In My Tea?

Cambodia : No Water or Lots of Water!

In the dry hot season, not only do electricity shortages happen, but also WATER shortages!! At best well timed, at worst, well, not so cool. So we wait avidly for the first signs of monsoon rains. People even bet on the time at which the rain’s first drops will fall, that’s how important the rain is.

Fissos World in Cambodia cartoons surviving water cuts
Why Do Water Cuts Always Happen When I’m In The Shower?
Fissos World in Cambodia cartoons waiting for rain
When The Rains Come

The Rainy Season in Cambodia

And when the rains come, they come in big, wet, flood style. 

Fissos World in Cambodia cartoons do as locals do
Live the Monsoon Rains Like a Local
Fissos World in Cambodia cartoons motorbike in monsoon floods
Riding My Moto Bravely Into The Monsoon Flood

Staying Fit in Cambodia

With all the delicious cheap food found at every street corner in Cambodia and the ease of just riding a motorbike everywhere (even to the end of the road to buy a phone top up card, yes I’ve done that), staying fit  while living in Cambodia is a big health topic!

Fissos World in Cambodia cartoons too much good food
Too Much Good Food Everywhere
Fissos World in Cambodia cartoons staying fit
Staying Fit

Shopping at Markets in Cambodia

I love markets. They are my favourite dive into local everyday life and the joys of haggling.  Never mind that I don’t always find what I was looking for, I always end up discovering something new.

Fissos World in Cambodia cartoons how to shop at the market when you can't speak the language
I’ll Make Sure I Know The Words Next Time

Happy Pchum Ben!

Pchum Ben is celebrated by Buddhists in Cambodia. During this festival, people honour their ancestors. At pagodas across the country, monks chant day and night, and people bring food to be shared among friends and family, and to be offered to the monks and people in need. During Pchum Ben, lost spirits are said to be the most active, and the prayers and food are offered to assist them in finding peace.

Fissos World in Cambodia cartoons Pchum Ben Festival
Going To The Pagoda For Pchum Ben Festival

Driving on Cambodia’s Roads at Night

In rural areas and side streets in the cities, there is usually no street lighting. And because not every driver puts his headlights on, you’ll need to be extra careful!

Fissos World in Cambodia cartoons drive on countryside roads at night
Driving On Scary Cambodia Roads
Fissos World in Cambodia cartoons dangerous roads with big trucks at night
Reckless One-Headlight Trucks

Romantic Cambodia

I absolutely love the noisy bullfrogs, the idyllic sunsets and the mighty Mekong!

Fissos World in Cambodia cartoons romantic date with noisy bullfrogs
Idyllic Sunset, Red Wine and Noisy Bullfrogs
Fissos World in Cambodia cartoons romantic riverside in Phnom Penh with many other people
You and Me Alone in The World

Driving in Cambodia

If driving at night is not your cup of tea, try during the day! Driving and motorbiking in Cambodia has it’s own set of rules. Or absence of rules!

Fissos World in Cambodia cartoons how to drive like a local
To Each Driver His Own Style!
Fissos World in Cambodia cartoons unwritten road rules
The Bigger The Better

Riding a Moto Taxi in Cambodia

The famous Cambodian Moto Taxi, or Motodop / Motodup! Always at every corner when you need him, or when you don’t.

Fissos World in Cambodia cartoons moto taxis everywhere
Fissos World in Cambodia cartoons moto taxi crazy driving
Motodup Overdose

Adventures Off the Beaten Track

Because what is living in Cambodia if you don’t visit the more remote rural areas and out-of-reach temples?  

Fissos World in Cambodia cartoons off-road motorbike adventures
Dirt Track Adventures in Rural Cambodia
Fissos World in Cambodia cartoons remote location adventures
The Wonders of Remote Temple Adventures

If you haven’t collected all the Phnom Penh Posts containing Fisso’s World in Cambodia cartoons (I collected them all of course) here’s the book! 

Fissos World in Cambodia cartoons

More about the temples of Angkor in Cambodia? Check out extracts from Wandering Angkor, my colourful, fun and insightful book on Angkor and Siem Reap.


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