Life is full of big adventures! And little ones… Follow my 9-month ride to Mamadom, with Baby in my Belly,  my cartoons on being pregnant, and laugh with pregnancy’s big and little adventures.

And more Pregnancy cartoons with Mr. Body Pillow,  quirky cartoon adventures with my big soft pregnancy support pillow.


Sweet Secret Beginnings

Fissos World Pregnant cartoon Sperm Egg 


Fissos World Pregnant cartoon We having baby

“Guess What?”


I feel sooo pregnant, can’t you see?

Cant You See I am Pregnant Fissos World Pregnancy Cartoon


My Favourite Pregnancy T-shirt

Pregnant Woman Priority Seat T-shirt Fissos World Pregnancy cartoons


Baby in progress…

After those first months, I’m starting to feel myself again, at last! Or rather myself + baby bump… 
The golden months of pregnancy, bring them on!

Eating for 2 Pregnancy cartoons Fissos World

Feeding the Baby Bump

We having baby Fissos World pregnancy cartoons

Loving the Baby Bump


Ultrasound Baby Superstar

ultrasound-baby-superstar Fissos World Pregnancy cartoons


My Tribe is also getting ready for Baby

Yep, looks like I’m not the only one to be excited. How can I help? With silly jokes?

It takes a village raise baby pregnancy cartoons Fissos World


Baby in my Belly

baby in belly scary Fissos World pregnancy cartoons


Who gets the priority seating? Pregnant mama or the injured?

priority seating pregnancy cartoons Fissos World


Give way to pregnant woman!

give way pregnant woman Fissos World cartoons


Choosing Baby Names

choosing baby names Fissos World cartoon pregnancy


Baby Belly Kicking

My sweet cheeky son was already playing football in my belly!

baby belly kicking Fissos World pregnancy cartoons

Baby is arriving soon!

Baby is busy getting ready for his big day, and so am I.
Am I ready? Of course I am. Can’t wait. My belly is getting in my way…

Am I really ready? Oh no no no no no no 

Om my baby Fissos World pregnancy cartoons


Tell me the truth about giving birth!

mamas best kept secret truth about giving birth Fissos World cartoon pregnancy


Sleepless Baby Nights

sleepless baby nights Fissos World pregnancy cartoons


Tango with Me

do not contradict pregnant woman Fissos World Pregnancy cartoons


How to wear socks when you’re pregnant?

how to wear socks pregnant Fissos World cartoons

Final weeks: baby coming anytime soon!

final weeks baby coming anytime pregnancy cartoons Fissos World


And Baby coming NOW!

baby coming now Fissos World pregnancy cartoons


Yes, it was the full moon, just like in this cartoon.
As the moon set, Baby in my Belly adventures came to a close.
And the sun rose on a whole new beginning! 

And more Pregnancy cartoons with Mr. Body Pillow,  quirky cartoon adventures with my big soft pregnancy support pillow.




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