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OM My Yoga

  About my own yoga journey Each person's journey is wonderfully unique! Here is my  cartoon story about how yoga came into my life, and STAYED. At first, Yoga was another of the many activities I was passionate about as a student, from dance to swimming to studying, working part-time and partying.  And somehow, yoga … Continue reading OM My Yoga

Worlds of Wisdom

  Laugh, and be wise with cartoons on wise sayings, words of wisdom and inspirational quotes. It's not about how you look, but how you SEE   Happiness quote by the Dalai Lama  

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Kundalini Yoga

Meet Siri the Kundalini Yogini in cartoons! Have fun and get your kundalini juices flowing with yoga cartoons. Time for Kundalini Yoga class!   Keep Calm and Meditate On   Yoga, direct line to the Divine   And if you are wondering, YES, Siri the Yogini REALLY exists! She brings light and love and good … Continue reading Kundalini Yoga