Mama Life


Cartoons on Life with Kids and Work and Travels and LOVE!

Because life with kids is an adventure!

Life with kids is an exhilarating journey. It is as sweet as honey, as mellow as a rhyming song, or as fast-speed as the most agile cheetah.

No matter how is goes, life with kids opens your heart wide wide open and makes it sing and laugh from the inside.

I celebrate my life with my kids with Cartoons! (and oh of course, a glass of wine also helps!)

OM My Yoga cartoon yoga story banner
OM My Yoga
  About my own yoga journey Each person's journey is wonderfully unique! Here is my  cartoon story about how yoga
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Worlds of Wisdom
  Laugh, and be wise with cartoons on wise sayings, words of wisdom and inspirational quotes. It's not about how
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Kundalini Yoga
Meet Siri the Kundalini Yogini in cartoons! Have fun and get your kundalini juices flowing with yoga cartoons. Time for
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Savasana favorite pose yoga cartoon Fissos World
Welcome to a bigger better Fisso’s World!
Welcome, welcome to Fisso's World, Namaste. Please lie in Savasana as I work on upgrading my website ! All cartoons
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